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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps your website appear at the top of Google. Your customers use and trust Google every day. If your business isn’t on the top, then you are missing out.


Let us uncover your sites current health status. Do you have a healthy website? If not it could be causing you to loose traffic and visibility.


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“If you’re looking for a highly competent and professional to handle your businesses SEO needs, I’d highly advise working with Malcolm. While others are blinded looking for the latest “tricks”, he’s looking for the latest SYSTEMS. This is one of the things that sets him apart.”
Derek Iwasiuk - CEO @ Engage The Crowd

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Hello, Malcolm Boyce here, and I would love to help rank your business on the first page of Google so you can get more exposure and visibility.

While looking for a Brooklyn SEO Expert, you probably stumbled across this site; weather it be  via a referral, social media or the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs of New York City (the #1 largest city in the US) with a large population of 2.592 million (2013), which is almost as big as Chicago, IL (the 3rd largest city in the US). And while there are many people here in Brooklyn, there are also many SEO Firms to choose from.

Virtual Heroics is the best Brooklyn SEO Agency you will find, period. We pride ourselves on the level of service we provide our clients, and we stand behind our work. We are more than just a Search Engine Optimization Company; we are a Search Engine Marketing Firm.

Why does your business need SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the largest elements that affect a business’ website. Without the right visibility on Google, your business is losing money. By not having an SEO Agency working with you, you are handing over your potential revenue to your competitors.

All websites need to be optimized to reach higher rankings in search engines like Google. Well-optimized sites will directly lead to the online popularity of your content, products, and services, which translates to more revenue for your business. Optimization requires the skills of a professional specialist who understands how the entire process works. There are many benefits of working with a local Brooklyn SEO Firm to optimize and help take your business’ online presence to the next level.

A skilled SEO professional will not only save you time, but they will save you the headaches of trying to understand the algorithms search engines like Google use to rank websites organically. An SEO expert will view your website’s content and then use that information to strategically develop a solution that best fits you and your business’ needs.

Skilled optimizers can balance your site’s content by doing an in-depth keyword research and using the keywords that are best suited for your website’s content. They will even go as far as to search for other keywords used by your competitors and design them to complement your content. This will result in raising your website’s popularity making you stand out amongst your competition. Leaving you with the time you need to take care of what matters the most; your business.

Your website is your business’ online representative. And you want your representative to reach the highest volume of consumers as possible. You need a skilled SEO expert to guide customers and potential clients to your website. You can invest thousand into developing the world’s best website, but it doesn’t mean anything if consumers cannot find it. With a clear idea of your target audience, your search engine optimizer can perform keyword marketing tailored specifically for your website, and in turn, bring you a substantial amount of traffic to your page which means more revenue and profit for your business.

Finding the Right Price

When you hire an SEO expert, you receive a greater return on your investment. So many businesses waste countless amounts of money on online advertisements every year hoping someone will happen to see their ad and click on their banner. But with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you are targeting a particular group of consumers based on their needs and online searches; users who are looking for businesses like yours via An SEO Expert will understand this and rank your site for the right keywords within an appropriate time frame.

If budgeting is a concern for you and your business, you can consider having your SEO expert work for you on a contractual basis. Meaning you can create a schedule to work on specific keywords at different intervals instead of ranking for all keywords at once. This will help minimize the monthly marketing costs for your business while still reaping the benefits of a skilled SEO expert on your side. It is something every business needs no matter how big or small.

Finding your SEO Expert

There are dozens of ways to find an SEO professional; through referrals from family, friends, or business partners, or from online message boards, forums, and review boards just to name a few. These are great recourses to use. However, once you have narrowed down the people you will seriously consider handing your business marketing, you must dig a little deeper. It is always important to check the individual’s/ companies background experience and reviews. This will give you a better understanding of the level of expertise coming from the person who you will potentially be handing your business’ marketing project to.

Unfortunately, finding a person with the right background, skills, and knowledge is not easy. Many people experiment with SEO and do not have the experience and training needed to rank your site successfully. These individuals can do more harm than good to your website, even causing it to be penalized by performing practices that are not up to professional code. This means your website can virtually become unsearchable in all popular search engines which can be extremely detrimental to your business.

That is why you have come to the right place when looking for a professional and experienced Brooklyn SEO specialist. Take the right step forward for you and your business today by filling out or discovery form and getting a free video website analysis.