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Virtual Heroics is a leading  Digital Marketing firm specializing in Search Engine Marketing. We are a results based agency designed to provide stellar results for every client it accepts. We construct, develop, and execute tailor made campaigns to strategically place businesses in highly visible locations on Google.  Our core is built on continuously evolving and deploying strategies and tactics based on industry best practices with the long-term in mind. Simply put; We help turn business websites into revenue-generating machines online.  We focus on being transparent, building relationships, and earning a clients’ business and retention each and every month.

Malcolm Boyce

After years of developing and exploring the digital marketing industry,  Malcolm Boyce discovered the power of search engine optimization and how powerful it truly was. After taking the time to sharpen his sword and develop his skills, he decided to form Virtual Heroics as a platform to help small to medium sized businesses leverage the power of SEO.