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We Will Help You Take Over Google, And Dominate Your Competition With Our Proven Strategies


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps your website appear at the top of Google. Your customers use and trust Google every day. If your business isn’t on the top, then you are missing out.


Let us uncover your sites current health status. Do you have a healthy website? If not it could be causing you to loose traffic and visibility.


With our safe and proprietary linking techniques built for the long term,  you will see a large SEO performance boost.


Our monthly reporting and constant communication keeps you up to date on your digital marketing efforts.





“If you’re looking for a highly competent and professional to handle your businesses SEO needs, I’d highly advise working with Malcolm. While others are blinded looking for the latest “tricks”, he’s looking for the latest SYSTEMS. This is one of the things that sets him apart.”
Derek Iwasiuk - CEO @ Engage The Crowd

We Will Skyrocket Your Website To The 1st  Page

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When choosing the right SEO Company for your business, it is imperative that every business owner is careful about who they decide to partner with. Choosing an SEO Company puts your business in a very vulnerable position, as time is always working against you, all while your competition is reaping the benefits of your website not getting the right amount of visibility.

We have developed a list of tips to help every business owner when stuck trying to decide on the right SEO Company for their business.

1. Company Size
When choosing an SEO Company, make sure every company you are considering offers different prices depending on the size of your business. SEO is not a one-size-fits-all product/service. Every business is different and unique, and here at Virtual Heroics, we understand that; which is why we reach out to each business with unique marketing strategies to suit that individual company. Because if we used the same strategies for all our clients, specifically the ones that fall in the same niche, their sites would be lost in a sea of online pages and they would never be found by potential clients. In short, just say no to the cookie-cutter companies.

2. Specific Keyword Optimization
The keyword optimization on your website is an essential part of how your pages can be ranked and how effectively a potential customer can stumble upon your website during a keyword search. Here at Virtual Heroics we start by analyzing your content, and then we proceed to optimize and suggest alternative keywords that will increase your page rank. You will also receive a comprehensive analysis report showing you how the right keywords can substantially increase your website’s traffic.

3. Time is of the Essence
When it comes to “SEO, time is of the essence”, is an understatement. On any given day, every industry has a whole biosphere of competition trying to work their way to that front line; to the first page of Google. The Search Engine Optimization Company you eventually choose needs to save you precious time by providing you the marketing strategies your business needs to grow, while also providing exceptionally professional service within a stipulated timeframe.

4. The Price of Quality Work
When choosing the right SEO Company you should always keep in mind that you want a company that will stand behind their work. Search Engine Optimization is not the place to look for a bargain, however, you should not expect to pay the highest prices out there either. You need a professional, courteous, and diligent SEO team that charges a reasonable price for their work; and by work we mean a search engine optimization company that will cultivate the right strategies for your business and find high-ranking keywords with good traffic and little competition.

5. Creating the right Linking Strategies
It is not the same to rank high for certain keywords than it is to implement a solid linking strategy for the business you are working with. The SEO Company you choose to work with should develop reciprocal and one-way linking because they recognize the significance of these parameters to the search engines you are trying to rank in. The SEO Company you choose should execute a thorough analysis of the linking structure within your website and also demonstrate exactly how they propose to improve it.

6. Understanding the Endgame
The main reason why more and more business owners like you are choosing to work with Virtual Heroics is because we follow through on our promises. When you first begin your relationship with the team at Virtual Heroics, they will explain how they will get you better rankings for your website on Google and therefore increase your business’ exposure. The tailored strategies we will use for your business will push more targeted clients to your website’s products and services, which can mean an increase in revenue.

These tips should help any business owner when deciding to choose the right Search Engine Optimization Company. It should be used as a guideline to systematically increase your website’s online presence by placing you on the first page of the most used search engine on the web and get your business on the road to more revenue.

If your website is not currently on the first page of Google, you are losing tremendous amounts of money to your competitors who rank higher than you. And if you’ve ever wondered, “why do I need an SEO Company on a local level?” then I’ll tell you; it’s because times are changing and technology is growing at an alarming pace. Phonebooks are practically obsolete in US homes and are now being replaced by the internet and smartphones which people use every day to search for business in their area that can meet their most basic needs.

Here at Virtual Heroics we can help you get a Truly Mobile website that can be found on the first page of Google so you can dominate your competitors. We can provide you with a free consultation and video website analysis where we can evaluate what could be done to help your business. Get started today by filling our “Discovery Form” so we can help your business get on the road to more revenue today.